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Ayurveda Menu of Services:
Shirodhara (Pronounced she-row-dar-ah): Ayurveda's answer to stress

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pancha karma bliss therapy
pancha karma bliss therapy


This is a blissful one-hour treatment where you enter a deep state of relaxation. This sublime treatment involves a warm oil bath gently flowing ("dhara") onto your forehead ("shiro"), which helps:

         Remove stress from the mind.
         Balance the emotions.
         Pacifies insomnia, depression, panic attacks and addictions.
         Deeply conditions hair.

In ancient Ayurveda texts, Shirodhara is usually recommended for at least 14 days. However, shorter treatments are still very beneficial. You emerge feeling so refreshed as if you have just completed a long, deep and blissful meditation.

"One who applies oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of hair, nor does his hair fall. Strength of his head and forehead is especially enhanced; his hair becomes black, long and deep-rooted; his sense organs work properly; the skin of his face becomes brightened; applying oil on the head produces sound sleep and happiness." --Ayurvedic physician Charaka, Excerpt from the first text on Ayurveda compiled over 5,000 years ago.

one hour $125

Abhyanga (pronounced ah-bee-ang-ah):


Abhyanga Warm Oil Massage:

In this one-hour traditional, rhythmical massage from ancient India, warm herbal oils are poured onto and massaged into the body. It is extremely nourishing, nurturing and one of the most thorough massages you will ever experience especially if it is preformed in the traditional way with two practitioners. Included, to suit your needs, are:

         Warmed herbal oils.
    Marma point therapy (Ayurvedic acupressure points)
    Specific motions to balance the 5 pranas of the body
   Abyanga is a must for seasonal cleansing, stress release and rejuvenation.
1 therapist - $115
Two therapists - $215

Swedana (pronounced sway-dun-ah):


Swedana (pronounced sway-dun-ah) Steam Bath:

An excellent compliment after you've had a massage, Swedana helps to detoxify the liver, kidneys and the respiratory system. The steam helps soften and loosen impurities opening your pores for better circulation. Your therapist supervises you while you sit in a comfortable, private steam cabinet with your head outside the box. A cool aromatherapy cloth is applied to your forehead to keep your head cool and you are given pure water to drink. 

Swedana is soothing to the soul.

7-15 minutes (depending on your dosha) - $50 

Ayurveda Consultation:


Pulse analysis determines the condition of the internal organs such as the heart, liver, spleen and colon.

Ayurvedic texts say that our daily habits can create or heal disease; in this way they can be tailored to our needs. During this 1.5-hour consultation, you are:

1. Given an Ayurvedic assessment consisting of pulse/tongue analysis. Pulse analysis determines the condition of the internal organs such as the heart, liver, spleen and colon.

2. Asked questions about your lifestyle/health history then given suggestions for refining your self-care program to fit your current needs.

$150 per initial consultation. .



Group Yoga Classes - Gentle Hatha flow with attention on safety and alignment. from 1992-2006

Sorry Group classes have been temporarily canceled.

Customized Yoga Session - Private yoga instruction gives you the individual attention, details and refinements that a group class cannot. Your customized session is geared towards your specific needs. You can heal weaknesses and or injuries and take your practice to the next level.
$150, hour and half.

Pancha Karma:

This extensive cleansing and rejuvenation program is the cornerstone of Ayurvedic treatments. Seven days are recommended to address the 7 tissues of the body, yet we offer 1-21 consecutive day treatments.

Daily treatments include Ayurvedic massage with 2 therapists, steam treatments, either Shirodhara or Karna Purna (ear treatment), Nasya (sinus treatment), Netra Bastii or Kati (lower back) basti, consulting, food recommendations, and cleansing procedures (when your body is ready). You emerge feeling younger, cleaner, clearer and lighter as the causes of disease are addressed. These retreats are for individuals, couples or groups.
It is $380 per day, per person

Click here for more details on Pancha Karma.

Other Healing Treatments:


About our Ayurveda Herbal Mineral Mud:

Darci Frankel has been using the Ayurveda Mineral Mud personally since 1993. This special and unique ancient Ayurvedic Recipe, handed down through many generations in a single family line, combines over 13 potent herbs and minerals noted for their purifying and rejuvenating effects on the skin.

We offer the Ayurveda Herbal Mineral Mud in our wellness Boutique and in our Ayurveda Self Care Kit.  Use in bath or shower instead of soap, or as a facial mask this mud bath naturally draws out toxins and impurities

Emblic Myrobalan (Amalaki), Mango-Ginger (Amraharidra), Pistacia integemima (Karkarshrungi), Nut Grass (Njagamustak), Himalayan Silver Fir (Talispatra), Embelia tsenam (Vidang), Sweet Flag (Vacha), bonduc nut (Kashtaki Karanj), Chebulic Myrobalan (Haritaki), Beleric Myrobalan (Bibhitak), Lesser galangal (Chhardriripu), Young Chebulic Myrobalan (Balharitaki) – systematically processed with the minerally rich layers found in the beds of rivers and lakes in certain pristine parts of India.

Karna Purna - Several drops of warmed oil are applied to each ear. Common benefits are a reduction of ringing in the ears (tinnitus), insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, vertigo, and Vata
Extended karna purna $65.00 (1/2 hour)
Treatment with abyanga $15.00
NasyaNasya” means nose.  In this treatment, several drops of herbalized oils are introduced to the nose one nostril at a time. Ayurveda recommends this treatment for strengthening the whole respiratory apparatus.  The benefits include: eliminating sinus trouble, reducing congestion in the head and chest, as well as relieving tension in the neck. 
Extended karna purna $65.00 (1/2 hour)
Treatment with abyanga $10.00

Marma Chikitsa - Marma means "vital points." Likened to acupressure, these vital points are related to organs, systems and tissues. During this treatment, your marma points are massaged and balanced leading to greater immunity and vitality. Maha ("great") marmas are anointed and balanced with oils.

1 hour = $115.00



Ayurvedic Products:


Ayurvedic Facial Formula - A wonderful treatment for oily skin, helps reduce blackheads and leaves the complexion clear.

Our proprietary formula is based in a traditional Ayurvedic recipe, specifically formulated to support healthy and radiant skin.  It is considered Tri-Doshic, which means it’s good for all body types. It can be used as a facial wash or mask. Add sufficient water to make a paste. If you’re using it as a facial wash, gently apply using an upward stroke, then rinse.  If you’re using it as a mask, leave it on for 7 to 10 minutes before rinsing. It is cleansing and nourishing and helps to offset early formation of wrinkles.  If your skin tends to be dry, you can add coconut oil, sesame, jojoba oil or yogurt. When used daily, it removes dirt, toxins, and make-up. It’s also an exfoliant, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Ingredients are: Besan (chick pea flour), *Organic* rose petals, *coriander, *Sandalwood, *neem, *calamus, turmeric and moti bhasma or the ash made from specially cured pearls, it is cooling, deeply nourishing and a very rare and expensive ingredient the most sought after Ayurvedic facial formulae.

*Since there is a small amount of turmeric, this formula may stain clothes.


Anti-Cellulite Formula - This ancient powerful treatment can be used for:

  * General maintenance just rub it on in the shower and rinse off.

* Intensive treatment ~ Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse off.


Come see our Wellness Boutique with the Ayurveda self care kit and Ayurveda Massage oils and herbs to help support your full potential health and wellbeing!

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